Wed, Apr 1 2009 - Alligator Wrestling APRIL FOOLS! (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jennifer, Mark G, Ryan
Participants:Jason L, Vic, Bryan W., Your MOM!, 10 children (Purchased on Ebay), Stephanie, Mae B, Heather M, JaPanda, Lindsay V, Christine T, Rhonda S, Donna, Alissa, Mark H, Geoff F, Noah Falconar, Cassidy Falconar, Monica Falconar, Dana Eftodie, Victor Wells, Graeme Smith, LarryL, Christine, DarleneC, Bill Hansen, Zach, Jenny G, Darren Gibbons, Darlene, Indiana Jones, Hulk Hogan, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Mark G, Jennifer, Ryan

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Write Up:
We had an excellent turn-out for the EOC's first Alligator Wrestling night! Our host, Pilar Tolo of Pilar Tolo's Reptile Sanctuary (located on the outskirts of Edmonton), had a large menagerie of tame alligators that we had a chance to wrestle. We had numerous EOC members present, not to mention dozens of children, including ten new adoptees lovingly purchased on eBay by Bryan. These kids had a lovely opportunity to play with the baby alligators, while their parents had their turn in the ring with the alligators.

We also had literally hundreds of dogs present. We must admit that we were a little confused about why Mae decided to bring so many dogs with her for an alligator wrestling night (101 ... and all Dalmation puppies!) - there were so many that she needed to rent a large van. Mae was not the only member who brought dogs, as Donna brought one, and Christine brought ten more.

We asked our new Director of Safety and Equipment (Bryan) for some tips and advice, in advance of our trip. He provided us with the following valuable advice. We were glad to learn this wasn't something he's learned through personal experience.

Some comments from our guests before arrival:

  • Rhonda: "I've never wrestled an alligator, but I've taken on a few Calgary businessmen. Does that count?"
    - Apparently it does, because Rhonda owned the ring when she had her chance.
  • Donna: "oh, I've never wrestled alligators before.... if we brought a dog could we feed it to the alligators??"
    - Mysteriously, Donna's dog, Rex, wasn't at her side by the end of the evening. We assume she returned Rex to her car.
  • Mae: "can we buy alligator shoes there?"
    - Apparently not, although there were lots and lots of crocodile shoes for sale.
  • Larry: "I did this once in Florida, Its a blast."
    - Experience does count apparently. While Larry had one gator in a headlock, he took down another with a full nelson. Good job Larry!!

    All in all a good night. And we only lost 3 EOC members to alligator mauling (good thing they signed the waiver!).

    We hope everybody had a Happy April Fools Day! Glad you got to join in the fun!

    And - if anyone ever wants to really try out alligator wrestling, here are some tips.

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