Edmonton Outdoor Club - Volunteers
Officers and Administrators
Mark G: President, Photo Historian, Event Coordinator
CoreyG: Secretary, Event Coordinator
Donna: Assistant Treasurer, Event Coordinator
Ian M: Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator
Susan D: Sponsorship Officer, Event Coordinator
Rhonda S: Past President, Event Coordinator
Ryan M: Communication Manager, Event Coordinator
Keith B: Webmaster, Sponsorship Officer, Event Coordinator

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Event Coordinators
Brent S (Polé Polé)
Christie M
Christine T
Colleen R
Dennis N
Joanne M
Lynn F
Mae B

We are always looking for Event Coordinators. If you think you may be interested, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Ian M at volunteer@edmontonoutdoorclub.com.

Photo Historian
Event Coordinator

Mark G
Attracted to the EOC by the variety of activities and the desire to try cross-country ski trips, Mark joined the EOC in February 2007. Born and raised in Edmonton, he has spent many years skiing and cycling in the Alberta Rockies, as well as Edmonton's extensive North Saskatchewan River Valley Park System. Mark loves to brag that Edmonton's River Valley Park System is the largest connected urban park in North America.

Mark has completed three bike trips from Jasper to Banff along the scenic Highway 93. Mark's aim is to participate in: downhill skiing, xc-skiing, hiking, scrambling, snowshoeing, cycling, backpacking, spelunking, geocaching, partying, team building, dog sledding, wine tasting, rollerblading, canoeing, camping, et cetera.....ing.

Mark can always be counted on to be dependable and prepared, and he possesses a strong sense of direction. His priority on any event is to have fun and stay safe. He loves to explore new trails and tap the group's knowledge to improve on his planned trip itinerary. Mark will always make an effort to ensure each participant feels included and comes away with a positive experience.

Mark has previously served the EOC volunteering as Vice President and as a member of the Director Team.

As the EOC President, Mark's role is to:
- Work with the club volunteer team on the planning and decision making activities for the club
- Assist with member issues
- Answer inquiries sent to executives@edmontonoutdoorclub.com

As Photo Historian, Mark's role is to:
- Receive photos from event attendees
- Review all event photos, selecting which ones to post in the photo album
- Crop and enhance photos
- Upload photos to Meetup.com and Google Drive service
- Manage photo albums in Meetup.com
- Select photos to include on the slide show (on the EOC Home Page)
- Select photos for photo contest
- Answering e-mail inquiries sent to photos@edmontonoutdoorclub.com

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Mark G.

Event Coordinator

Born and raised in Wawa Ontario, Corey seems to have finally settled down in Edmonton after living here for almost 2 years. Past cities he has called home include: Kingston, Sudbury, Winnipeg, and and Sault Ste Marie.

While growing up in a small town the forest was his playground and was always his number one play spot. He was involved at a young age in Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and then Army Cadets. Hobbies he has enjoyed include mountain biking, winter and summer camping (prefers winter camping), backpacking, dual sport motorcycles, hang gliding (flew his own for 3 years).

Currently his most severe addiction is split boarding. In the summer he gets involved with mountain biking, hiking and dreams mostly of split boarding. Winter is his favorite time of the year. The more snow there is, the better.

Corey is employed as a Heavy Duty Mechanic and is known to fix things from time to time. He admits he is the least likely to get his hands dirty in his off time. He has recently joined the EOC executive as secretary and looks forward to learning more about the EOC and meeting new people!

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by CoreyG.

Assistant Treasurer
Event Coordinator

Donna has lived in Edmonton since 1981. She moved here when she graduated from university. Her outdoor interests are hiking, canoeing, cross country skiing, biking, camping, backpacking, and some astronomy. She was involved in Scouting for the last 13 years, but now her youngest son has quit, so she set out to find a group of people to camp and enjoy the outdoors with. This is what led her to the Edmonton Outdoor Club. She has been involved with the Girl Guides for nearly 40 years now, but her group does not get outdoors as often as she would like.

Donna enjoys being a math and physics teacher, but admits that the best times of my life were summer jobs where she worked in remote areas of Northern Canada where she would not set foot in a building for 3 months. Donna's dream vacation is spending the summer with a group of people who are all keen to paddle the North Saskatchewan River from Rocky Mountain House to Hudson's Bay. Expected travel time is 3-4 months.

Donna is not a fairweather camper, having lived outdoors for 3 months at a time and done some winter camping, her tolerance for bad weather is quite high, so her trips will go rain or shine. She loves to hike in the River Valley and does many urban hikes, but she will also organize canoeing and white water rafting trips.

Donna was our treasurer for 6.5 years until spring of 2014. She is currently staying on as our Assistant Treasurer, to train and assist our new treasurer with learning the position.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Donna.

Volunteer Coordinator
Event Coordinator

Ian M
Ian has been in Edmonton since 2009, when he moved over from the UK. Originally from Aberdeen in Scotland he enjoyed hillwalking and vaguely remembers climbing Ben Nevis (Britain's highest mountain) in his early teens (it was a long time ago). When he lived in London, he got more into urban hikes arranged through groups such as the Ramblers Association (he has been known to ramble on a bit).

Now he is in Edmonton, he is keen to enjoy the variety of urban hikes in the area, as well as other hikes out of town. Having tried cross-country skiiing and snowshoeing last winter, he is also looking forward to trying those again.

Ian is also infamous for his bad jokes, but don't let that put you off attending one of his events!

As the club's Volunteer Coordinator, Ian is responsible for:
- Recruiting, training and coaching event coordinators
- Acting as an information resource for event coordinators, including developing and updating coordinator documentation
- Ensuring club policies and procedures are being followed properly by event coordinators>
- Answering e-mail inquiries sent to volunteer@edmontonoutdoorclub.com

Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Ian M.

Sponsorship Officer
Event Coordinator

Susan D
Susan is originally from Belleville, Ont. After the last 25+ years living and working in many communities across Canada she arrived in Edmonton in June 2007, joining the EOC in Nov. 2007. After taking part in several EOC events she decided to help out as an event coordinator.

Susan works for the City of Edmonton, in Neighbourhood and Community Development, as a Community Recreation Coordinator. Susan enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including canoeing, cycling, hiking, and backpacking.

As the Sponsorship Officer, Susan's role is to:
- Manage Sponsor records and Banner Ads on the EOC Web Site
- Develop relationships with potential sponsor organizations
- Acquire door prizes for EOC events
- Answer e-mail inquiries sent to partners@edmontonoutdoorclub.com

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Susan D.

Past President
Event Coordinator

Rhonda S
Rhonda is a software developer who moved to Edmonton from Calgary in late 2009. She has been a volunteer with the COC since 2003, and EOC since early 2009.

Due to asthma, Rhonda is a slow (but enthusiastic) hiker and cyclist. Her cycling events are always at a slower pace (approx 16km/hour average), but aren't necessarily "easy" - she's willing to do the hills and distance, just more slowly. Rhonda hikes year-round with snow shoeing and x-c ski events supplementing the winter hiking schedule. Do note, however, that she is a fair weather hiker and in the event of yukky weather will either move a hike to a different location (if the weather's nicer somewhere else), or cancel/reschedule the hike if it's yukky everywhere. When in the mountains during bear season, Rhonda is a "hike nazi", keeping her hikers in tight groups of six or more for safety.

As the EOC Past President, Rhonda's role is to:
- Advise and assist EOC's new Executive Team as requested

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Rhonda S.

Communication Manager
Event Coordinator

Ryan M
Originally from Eastern Ontario, Ryan first moved to Edmonton in 2005, joined the EOC in late 2006 and began coordinating events for the EOC in 2007.

Ryan is a professional scientist and works for a small local clean technology/biotechnology company. While he was forced to step back his involvement with the EOC for a while after he moved to Calgary for a job opportunity, Ryan moved back to Edmonton in autumn 2013 for a different job opportunity and has been able to again become more actively involved with the EOC.

Ryan posts a wide variety of events, typically including urban hikes, out-of-town hiking, backpacking and camping events, as well as visits to local museums and festivals.

As Communications Manager, Ryan is responsible for answering questions posed to info@edmontonoutdoorclub.com

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Ryan M.

Sponsorship Officer
Event Coordinator

Keith B
Keith is originally from Vancouver Island, but he has lived in the Okanangan region of BC for many years. Tired of the 'sunshine tax', Keith relocated to Edmonton in 2005 in order to start an apprenticeship.

Keith, not the type who likes to sit at home, was very pleased to find the EOC in 2006. Keith is particularly fond of skiing and mountain biking and he is very happy to continue those interests in Alberta. A soft-spoken individual, Keith enjoys quiet conversation and meeting new friends who share his passion for the outdoors.

As the Webmaster, Keith is responsible for:
- Updating pages on web site
- Updating web site options for site formatting and functioning
- Updating announcements on club home page
- Creating and updating club e-mail addresses/forwarders
- Ensuring correctness and accuracy of static web site content
- Answering e-mail inquiries sent to webmaster@edmontonoutdoorclub.com

As the Sponsorship Officer, Keith's role is to:
- Manage Sponsor records and Banner Ads on the EOC Web Site
- Develop relationships with potential sponsor organizations
- Acquire door prizes for EOC events

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Keith B.

Event Coordinator
Brent S (Polé Polé)
Brent is originally from the Vancouver area but has been in Alberta for a long time, moving originally to Bonnyville and then Edmonton, where he now works as an electrician for a small general contractor. A few years ago, after not being on a bicycle for many many years, a friend talked him into cycling across Canada, and if you let him, Brent would be more than happy to show you the 30-minute film his friend made of their adventure. Brent has been an avid cycler ever since, but prefers a leisurely pace.

As he has some good friends in Calgary, Brent joined the COC in summer of 2007 and did a couple of hikes with them including the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland with their volunteer "Legendary Ed", and got into the EOC in early 2009. Road (and path) cycling is his main outdoor interest and he coordinates mainly cycling events but he is also interested in hiking and snow shoeing.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Brent S (Polé Polé).

Event Coordinator
Charlotte was born in Edmonton, and except for about 10 years spent moving between Edson, Lethbridge, and Kingston Ontario, has lived here all her life. She has a great appreciation and love for Edmonton's river & ravine trails, year-round festivals, and surrounding natural areas. She has been a member of the EOC since 2007, mostly participating in urban hikes and hiking and backpacking trips.

Outdoor activities Charlotte enjoys include hiking, backpacking, camping, and fair weather bicycle commuting, and her events will reflect these interests. She would also like to learn more about snowshoeing, kayaking, and canoeing.

Charlotte's events will generally be beginner to intermediate level, and slow to moderately paced. This doesn't mean easy though, as she enjoys the challenge of elevation gain and loss and will sometimes go out of her way to find it!

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Charlotte.

Event Coordinator
Christie M
Christie has lived in a few provinces in her lifetime. Edmonton is her home base now and has been for the past 3 years. She joined the club in 2012 and found a new passion for hiking. Her favorite thing to do is hike through the River Valley at anytime of the year. She joined the volunteer coordinator team in September 2014.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Christie M.

Event Coordinator
Christine T
Christine is an architectural technologist originally from Terrace, BC, but has lived in all the western provinces. She moved to Edmonton in December of 2002. After looking to join a local hiking group in 2007 a friend told her about the Edmonton Outdoor Club.

She loves biking, skiing, canoeing, hiking, camping and other activities like volunteering, photography, road trips, movies, concerts and lectures. She also enjoys traveling and has been to Thailand, Haiti, Great Britain and throughout the United States and Canada.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Christine T.

Event Coordinator
Colleen R
Hi, I am Colleen Rea. I have been an EOC member almost since inception. Although originally from Ontario, I have been in Alberta for a great number of years (I am not going to say how many as that will date me). I am an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy hiking, backpacking, biking, canoeing, climbing, skiing both downhill and cross-country, and my greatest passion is horseback riding. So hopefully you will see some of these events in the near future. Of course I have other interests namely travel, food, wine, socializing. If there is a way to incorporate these into outdoor activities I will find it. I am looking forward to bringing my enthusiasm if not my experience to the EOC and can't wait to meet new friends. See you soon.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Colleen R.

Event Coordinator
Dennis N

Dennis joined the club after moving here in August 2006 from Calgary where he was involved with the Calgary Outdoor Club for a couple of years. He just started to lead some city walks there. He also was involved over the many years with other clubs in Toronto, Nanaimo and Calgary, where he led some easy hiking and walking trips. He knows the Kananaskis area fairly well now, having hiked there with the Rocky Mountain Ramblers of Calgary, but as he doesn't like the long drive now, he is resolved to exploring the countryside in and around Edmonton.

Dennis currently works as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) at a nursing home and a retirement home.

Dennis likes exploring and over the past 2 years has enjoyed discovering the trails of Elk Island National Park in summer and winter. Recently, he has been checking out the ravine trails of the south side of Edmonton, and became a coordinator to lead a couple of trips there.

Dennis future plans are to participate or lead events such as city walks, easy hikes within one hour's drive of Edmonton, some easy cycling trips, and in winter, he would like to continue the walks as well as do some snowshoeing, skating and XC skiing.

He says he is one of the older members now and wants to urge people in the 40+ category to sign up, making it a club for all active adults of any age who appreciate the outdoors.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Dennis N.

Event Coordinator
Joanne M
Joanne is originally from Wainwright, and after spending some time in Fort MacMurray, now calls Edmonton her home. She works as a chemical engineer for a local engineering company, but spends a lot of time travelling around the world working in many strange places and countries.

She joined the EOC in fall of 2008 after spending 6 years on the road internationally, and has enjoyed meeting new friends and having a lot of fun with the EOC. Joanne enjoys any activity outdoors. An avid hiker, backpacker, traveler, scuba diver, canoer, kayaker, and mtn biker, if not at home, she can be found wandering around the mountains and trails and avoiding housework! She loves to take the time and enjoy the journey instead of racing to a finish, and loves early mornings in the mountains. Joanne is always keen to explore new areas, new things, and travel to new places.

Hiking in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Turkey, all around Europe, and Soviet countries are among her highlights, as well as spending time in the Rocky Mountains.

Note that Joannes hikes are not super fast paced (still not easy), preferring to enjoy the scenery, instead of racing. Safety being foremost, she likes to keep the group together when in the backcountry.

Always open to new ideas, email me! Lets explore new places!

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Joanne M.

Event Coordinator
Lynn F
Lynn has been living and playing in Edmonton most of her life, less a stint in Victoria to complete University (she is not sure why she left). She joined the EOC in 2012 and become a Coordinator in late 2013.

Lynn works for the City of Edmonton, in Community Services as a Community Recreation Coordinator. Always an outdoor enthusiastic she has been in involved in various sports, teams and recreation activities her whole life. She enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including snowshoeing, hiking, X-country/downhill skiing and skating in the winter. Lynn is also an avid roadie cyclist, but also enjoys kayaking/canoeing (anything to do with water), hiking/backpacking and camping in the summer months.

Lynn loves all that Edmonton has to offer , but also loves to get out of the city for mini getaways.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Lynn F.

Event Coordinator
Mae B
Mae was raised in both Scotland and Ontario. She moved 'out west' in '79 and has become a true Albertan ever since. Her backpacking travel destinations have included New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Fiji, USA, Scotland, England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Holland, Denmark, in fact too many to mention. Mae would like to organize a group of explorers to go to Machu Picchu in the near future.

"Outside? Did someone say outside?" ... well that is where you will usually find Mae. She gravitates to mountains, enjoys hiking, scrambling, cycling, camping, skiing, golfing, geocaching, dancing, music festivals, and has been known to successfully jump out of 49 perfectly good airplanes.

Mae has been a very active member of the EOC since its first year and is enthusiastic about meeting new people and seeing this club meet its maximum potential. Let's get outside and have some fun people!!

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Mae B.

Event Coordinator
Michel is a fifty something voyageur who loves people almost as much as he loves dogs. He’s been in Edmonton most of the last 30 years but has spent a couple of years abroad both working and having fun. Cycling and day hikes are his favourites but you can add swimming, squash, snowshoeing, downhill skiing and scuba diving to his fun list. He loves getting wet and dirty and is willing to almost get lost. He is active summer and winter. He has travelled to twenty something countries and been active in all of them. He has canoed and hiked in the Amazon, cycled in India, Morocco, Switzerland, England, Cayman Islands, Holland and Venezuela, been diving in the Caribbean, and has hiked all over the place. His motto is “I just wanna have fun”. So come and have fun with Michel.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Michel.

Event Coordinator
Neil has been a member of the EOC since 2012. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys cycling on the bike trails in and around Edmonton. His passion for cycling has led him to adventure bicycle tours of the Maritime Provinces, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Banff-Jasper Highway. Other outdoor activities Neil enjoys doing include hiking, backpacking, crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing. Neil is looking forward to having people of all cycling abilities joining him in his informative and fun rides.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Neilw.

Event Coordinator
Sandie has lived in and around Calgary all her life until Nov/06 when she relocated to Edmonton. She was a member of the Calgary Outdoor Club for a couple of years and knew she had to join the EOC. She enjoys planning events and getting involved in social activities, meeting new people, going to Zumba dance fitness classes, and traveling (East & West Coasts, the States, U.K., Greece, Denmark, France, Oahu, Iceland).

Sandie has been an EOC member since Nov/06 and currently a voluntary Event Coordinator since Jul/08.

Sandie's events will involve mostly moderate paced hikes within Edmonton and the nearby provincial/national parks and snowshoeing, playing tennis, along with some indoor events such as Zumba, bowling, mini golf, dinners, movies, learning events, etc.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Sandie.

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