Sun, Jan 11 2009 - Tubing Party at Sunridge Ski Area (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Mark G
Participants:Mark G, Jennifer, Ryan, Lo, Paul L, Michael, GeraldT, Cari Wilson, Erin, Jason L, Ali, Travis W, The Blade, Chelsea, Alistair Hazewinkel, Heather, Miranda d., Thomas K

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Write Up:
Everyone took turns blazing down the chutes towards the North Saskatchewan River. Fortunately the end of the quarter pipe was blocked by hay that prevented us from flying off the end into the icy river. The other factor preventing our snow jump into the river was the 70 km wind that was blasting us from the west turning what was supposed to be somewhat of a mild day, like the day before, into almost blizzard like conditions. I personally marveled at our hardy Canadian spirit allowing us to have such an awesome winter experience on fresh snow, and slick tubing chutes. The frozen smiles and shouts of laughter made it all worth while.

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