Sun, Dec 3 2017 - Twin Brooks/ McTaggert Wildlife Tunnel *New Loop Hike (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Mark G
Participants:Mark G, Steve S, Sylvia L, Kathryn, Rhonda S, Brent S (Polé Polé), Brian, Hyae Jin, Matthew Stephan, Pil, L, Jay

Write Up:
Sunday we had an incredible 12 km round trip hike directly across the creek into the Larch Sanctuary where we found a functioning "trappers camp" with a smoldering fire pit deep in the wilderness of the ravine near where we were last Wednesday. We then found some new forested trails on the west bank which were well maintained. The trails at the top of the ravine were very scenic in the McGrath area with Larch Sanctuary signs, which led us all the way to a very well designed artistic wildlife tunnel under the Anthony Henday.

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