Thu, Sep 13 2007 - Live and let bike in 007 (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Mark G
Participants:Mark G, Rod G, Justin J, Carolyn G, Keith B, Tim K

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Write Up:
Our current mission was a success. We did reconnaissance of the vast Kennedale Ravine cruising at stealth speed through forested trails and across a series of creek bridges. Our adventure took us to Hermitage Park where we traversed between the small lakes that reflected the glow of the setting sun and the golden leaves surrounding the lakes. We stopped at the tornado of 87 memorial monument and paid our respects to the many who lost their lives on that fateful summer day. We could still see the F4 tornados swath that was cut through the forest as it passed through Hermitage park on its collision course with North Clareview and Evergreen communities. We then rode parallel on the West side of the North Saskatchewan River on the gravel path below the Rundle Park golf course to the start of the Trans Canada Trail system. Afterwards we all debriefed at a local restaurant and sampled some of the local food and beverages.

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