Sat, Jan 9 2010 - EOC 2010 Celebration! (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Mark G, Ryan, Sandie, Mae B
Participants:Mae B, Mark G, Ryan, Sandie, Helen, Miranda d., Carla H, Donna, Ian M, Christine T, Noelle, Dave, Damian, Avril A, Scott, Linda, Narmin, Craig C, Jill Soderstrom, sherry storey, Angel S, Chris, Carmen M, Eva W, Leslie, NancyS, Alissa, Geoff F, Laura D, Vadim, Deborah S, Penny, Marlaine, Colleen G, LisaS, Destiny, Janie, Shirley G, Donna J, The Blade, LarryL, bob doupe, Rhonda S, Brent S (Polé Polé), Janet M, Paul C, Louise, Laura K, Janine, alinaelena, Eileen H, Sybil, Raydene Koch, Carol, Marek, Lindsay V, Jason, Dave B, Don, Cliff K., Christine P, LaurenY, Michael H, steve h, Jiani, Becky, Sharon B, Lenka, Mark H, Jen C, Tanita, Kevin W, Janice W, Jason D, Mark P, pierrette gagnon, Dianne W, Phil W, Debb H, Jason L, Erin, JaPanda, nancy n, Amanda, KenZ, Henry, Cordell, Mary Anna, Krystian S, Linda Kennedy, Heather B, shiella, Pauline G, Sheri S., Fred, Leona, Pete V, Christel

Write Up:
The EOC 2010 Celebration was a fantastic way to kick off the New Year. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces as well as the many upcoming new members. A good time was had by all! Great food, great company and great times! There was lots of mingling as everyone tried to guess their new identities and many found out that they weren't as smart as a hiking stick after all, let alone a 5th grader! The Silent Auction for Mike's Art raised $160.00 for a noteworthy cause, The World Wildlife Fund. Thanks to all who took part in the bidding and a special note of thanks to Cliff for his assistance in organizing the paintings. All of the misfit toys and unwanted gifts were assembled to be claimed by unsuspecting "re-gifters." Highlights included a dancing snowman and a portable cardboard hiker's toilet for Larry. Thanks "Vanna" for assisting Mark with the gift exchange. The 2010 Celebration was a success due to the tremendous team effort and spirit of participation. Thanks to the co-coordinators of the event; Ryan, Sandie, Mark and Mae as well as the many volunteers who helped to organize and decorate the venue; Donna, Rhonda, Brent,and Ken. Apologies if we missed anyone. Thanks to all of the members for coming out and making it a Great Celebration, see you on another event soon! Happy Trails and Blue Skies, as always, Mae.

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