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Weather Forecasts:
   - Detailed forecasts: 299-7878
   - Edmonton (Weather Office)
   - Edmonton (Weather Network)
   - Kananaskis
   - Jasper
   - Banff
Sky Info:
   - Heaven's Above
   - Sky Maps
Condition Reports:
   - AMA Road Reports
   - Alberta River Basins
   - Canadian Avalanche Association
   - Jasper Trail Report
   - Banff Trail Report
   - Banff Trail Bulletins
   - Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) Mountain Conditions Report
   - Forest Fire Watch
   - Protection Branch, Ministry of Forests
   - Alberta Fire Bans

Similar Clubs and Organizations

Alpine Club of Canada
Calgary Outdoor Club
Grant MacEwan Mountain Club
University of Alberta Outdoors Club
Grande Prairie Outdoor Club
Vancouver Regional Outdoor Club
Toronto Outdoor Club
Maryland Outdoor Club
Atlanta Outdoor Club

Favourite Activity Info
Outfitting and Supplies
Wildlife, Nature, Resources
Regional/Tourist Info

Favourite Activity Info
Canadian Rockies Peak Finder
Trails in BC
Golden Hikes
Backpacker Survival Guide 101
Alberta TrailNet Maps

Outfitting and Supplies

Mountain Equipment Co-Op
Backpacking Light
Gem Trek Maps
GPS Central
Garmin (GPS)
Best Camping Gear Reviews
Mountain Madness Tours

Wildlife, Nature, Resources

Canadian Wildflowers

Snow Safety:
   - Tree Well & Deep Snow Safety
Bear Safety:
   - Bear Smart
   - Bear Smart eBook
   - Hanging food in the backcountry
Lyme Disease:
   - Canada Trails: Lyme Disease Info
   - CDC Lyme Disease Info
   - Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation

Regional/Tourist Info

Parks Canada
Canadian Rockies
Canadian Rockies Visitor Guide
Canadian Rockies Tourism
Canadian TravelAll
Edmonton Plus
Pets in the City
Things to Do in Edmonton
The Great Canadian Adventure Company
Banff Y Mountain Lodge
Hostelling International (Canada)

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